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HDPE pipe welding is the process of fusing one piece HDPE conduit to another piece of conduit or to a fitting. Joins can be made using several different processes, including: butt fusion, socket fusion, saddle fusion, or electrofusion.

Welding is a special process that must be performed by qualified personnel. Expertises is an individual characteristic that is reached through knowledge plus the necessary ability to carry out the planned activities.

Plastitalia S.p.A. strongly encourages its customers to operate according to the following principles:

- The materials used, pipes and fittings, must comply with the applicable product standards;
- The personnel operating the welding must be adequately informed and trained;
- The equipment used must be appropriate to carry out the proposed works, well maintained and complying with product standards (if any);
- Welding operations must be carried out in reliable conditions required by applicable law.

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