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GRP Pipes

Diameter : DN300 mm – DN4000 mm

Pressure : PN 1 – PN 32 bar (up to 40 bar)


Although standard lengths are 6 m and 12 m, We can Supply GRP pipes that can be manufactured with the lengths required, only limited by transportation capabilities.

Comprising of thermosetting resin and silica sand reinforced with glass fiber, a GRP pipe is a composite material that has flexible characteristics.

We at Sahara Emirates supply GRP Pipes Manufactured and installed in compliance with the following local and international standard,

  • EN 1796 (water supply)

  • EN 14364 (wastewater applications)

  • ASTM D3262 (wastewater applications)

  • ASTM D3754 (wastewater applications)

  • AS 3571.1 (wastewater applications)

  • ASTM D3517 (water supply)

  • ASTM D 3839 (installation)

  • ISO 10465 (installation)

  • ISO 10639 (clean water applications )

  • ISO 10467 (wastewater applications)

  • AWWA C 950 (water supply)

  • AS 3571.2 (water supply)

  • AWWA M45 (design and installation)

  • AS 3571.1 (wastewater applications )

  • AS 3571.2 (clean water applications)

  • AS7NZS 2566.2 (installation)

Fields of Use

GRP pipes for underground and aboveground piping systems include;

  • Potable water and clean water transportation lines

  • Main conveyance and network lines for irrigation

  • Rainwater and drainage lines

  • Sewer lines

  • Industrial wastewater lines

  • Subsea piping, water intake, discharge lines and diffusers

  • Piping of chemical plants

  • Circulation lines of power plants

  • Conveyance and penstock pipelines of hydroelectric power plants

  • Jacking pipe and relining pipelines



Long Service Life:

  • Pipes are designed in compliance with the international standards to serve a minimum of 50 years. Operating and maintenance costs are negligibly small.

Perfect and smooth inner surface:

  • The smooth inner surface of SUPERLIT GRP pipes reduces hydraulic losses. Thanks to its smooth inner surface, friction loss is at a minimum, and it keeps this characteristic throughout its entire service life.

Safe connections:

  • SUPERLIT GRP pipe joints are designed with the flexible connection method, and the sealing is provided by couplings having full-face integrated elastomeric seal.


  • It has approximately 1/4 the weight of steel pipes, approximately 1/5 of ductile pipes, and approximately 1/10 of concrete pipes.

  • GRP pipes with varying diameters can be nested together and thus, more pipes can be transported using less vehicles. This means the cost of transportation can be lowered.

  • Installation is fast and easy.

  • Requires no special equipment for handling and mounting. Being lightweight means easy installation, even for longer pipe lengths.

Resistance against corrosion and chemicals:

  • It does not corrode since it is not manufactured with metallic materials.

  • As a standard, it is designed to serve in a wide pH range.

  • It has insulation properties and is not influenced by electric current.

  • It does not require cathodic protection.

  • It does not require inner and outer coating.

Surge pressure absorption:

  • Additional pressure increases occurring due to surges are far less when compared with metal pipes. They are designed to absorb 40% of the surge pressure, without increasing the pressure class.

GRP Pipe Diameters

Please find the attached GRP Pipe Diameter Sheet below,

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