Sahara’s Industrial Consulting Department is very actively involved in providing various consulting services to clients dealing in purchase or leasing of heavy equipment, especially valuation, appraisals and brokerage of used equipment in the global markets.

Our team of highly qualified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will come to your site and perform a thorough analysis of your program and make recommendations to bring it in-line with the new, modernized fleet currently being fielded.


The heavy equipment business in the Middle East has emerged as a recognizable industry only in the past 20 years and most certainly during the UAE construction boom after 2000. Contractors began to realize the advantages related to purchasing and/or borrowing equipment for medium/long-term uses and rental companies started to increase their range of product to supply all types of industries.


Earth moving equipment includes a wide range of machinery such as:

  • Piling Rigs, wheel loaders, bull dozers, heavy construction equipment, earth moving equipments like excavators & motor graders.

  • Lifting and handling equipments like mobile cranes, tower cranes, system equipment like air compressor & generators.

In addition to favorable economic environment in GCC, the heavy equipment industry was helped by the UAE’s construction boom in the period 2000-2008. While the amount of heavy equipment available in the country increased during this period, a majority of contractors continued to purchase their machinery and lessors thus enjoyed only a minor share of the entire equipment market. However, rents for construction equipment fell by about 30% in early 2009 due to slowdown in construction activities and tight liquidity. This situation created an oversupply of equipment in the UAE market. The situation is however improving now with a revival of the market in UAE and Saudi Arabia.